Solution & Services - Consultation Maintenance Repair

  • ☑ 1) Setup and Installation of IT Security

  • ☑ 2) File Server Setup

  • ☑ 3) Maintenance/Repair of Barcode Printers

  • ☑ 4) Maintenance/Repair of PC Operation System

  • ☑ 5) Repair of Industrial PC Software and Hardware

  • ☑ 6) IT Consultation

Consultation is offered with regard to system upgrades, appropriate hardware specification and proper hardware maintenance, to ensure maximum utilisation of existing IT Infrastructure

We pride ourselves that our SLA agreements are the best in the industry, making sure you get the best service in the shortest possible time.

Consultation invovlve the systematic analysis of the client's technological infrastructure and potential problem areas. In the order to provide the best and most suitable solutions for our client's current IT Infrastructure. We equip our Service Reseller to implement and maintain ICT Solutions utilising our 1st Tier ICT Service.